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Cyber Security for Critical Industries

10 - 11 September 2024 | London, UK

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Critical industries are constantly exposed to cyber threats.

With the rapid advancements in technology and connectivity, these attacks are becoming increasingly complex and difficult to detect.

Cyber security, therefore, needs to be a top priority for companies seeking to identify new risks and increase their resilience to the evolving threats to critical systems.

Cyber Security for Critical Industries will focus on identifying the latest cyber security challenges facing companies today and examine how these can be mitigated against by building resilient and responsive systems.

You will also get exclusive insights into new techniques and technologies. Plus, the opportunity to network with some of the UK’s cyber security giants makes this a must-attend conference for anyone working in critical systems.

At a glance

  • Choose from eight dedicated tracks over two days
  • Exclusive insights from 35+ industry experts
  • Latest developments in government policies
  • Moving from reactive to preventive systems
  • Safety and security of critical assets
  • Integrating cyber security across the supply chain
  • Convergence of safety, IT and OT
  • Case studies from key critical industries

Conference tracks

Day one

Track A: Cyber security for control systems
Track B: IT and OT Integration
Track C: Systems safety and cyber security
Track D: Managing the Skill Shortage

Day two

Track A: Lessons learned from UK’s key critical industries
Track B: IT and OT Integration
Track C: Regulatory requirements

Why attend?

  • Explore updates on new regulations and upcoming standards for cyber security.
  • Discover the latest developments in cyber security technologies and strategies for critical sectors.
  • Shift from reactive to preventative systems – in a business where time is money, it is important to be proactive!
  • Understand how to identify and overcome cyber threats to IT systems including ransomware, malware, and other malicious attacks.
  • Integrate cyber security with operational safety with the convergence of IT and OT, and understand the challenges and solutions.
  • Cultivate the profession – building the next generation of cyber experts and the role of the industry.
  • Engage in networking opportunities including a drinks reception and early morning walk in the capital.

Featuring speakers from:

  • DSIT
  • Faculty of Computing, Engineering, and Built Environments, Birmingham City University
  • HSE
  • IET Cyber Security Network
  • Institute for Security Science and Technology, Imperial College London
  • National Grid
  • Ofgem
  • ONR
  • Rolls Royce
  • School of Computer Science, University of Glasgow
  • Schneider Electric
  • South East Cyber Resilience Centre
  • Thales
  • UK Cyber Security Council
  • UK Energy Emergencies Executive, Cyber Security Task Group

Don't just take our word for it...

“A useful collection of presentations combining the experience of regulators, the experience of practitioners and cutting-edge developments. Already utilising a number of key takeaways.”

“The conference offered a glimpse behind the curtain, revealing how key players in critical industries navigate and mitigate their cybersecurity challenges.”

“A great venue to be able to network and understand the issues facing various sectors regarding cyber security and the ever-changing threat landscape.”

“The presentation from all the speakers was fantastic. The chairperson was fantastic at chairing the event and the event overall was hosted incredibly well.”