1. Mike St John Green, Independent Security Consultant, IET Cyber Security Network
  2. Senior Representative, National Cyber Security Centre
  3. Sarabjit Purewal, Principal Specialist Inspector, HSE
  4. Chris Johnson, Professor and Head of Computing Science, University of Glasgow
  5. Eugene Kramer, Head of Cybersecurity for Passenger, AVSEC and Borders Security Strategy and Cyber Defence, Heathrow Airport
  6. Richard Dempers, Senior Consultant, Rheinberry
  7. Michael H. Firstenberg, Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions
  8. E Pioli Moro, Applied Research, Research Professional, British Telecommunications plc
  9. John NJ Davies, Applied Research, Research Manager, British Telecommunications plc
  10. Mohammed Zumla, Chief Cyber Security Architect, NIS Competent Authority
  11. Johan Malmström, Global Cybersecurity Manager PG Grid Integration, Hitachi-ABB Power Grids
  12. Daniel Hallmans, System Architect for the MACH Control and Protection system, Hitachi-ABB Power Grids
  13. Vivek Hajarnavis, Business Development Manager, Rockwell Automation
  14. Jack Visoky, Principal Engineer, Rockwell Automation
  15. Andy Watkin Child, Director, The Security Institute
  16. Noble Naibo Ji, Regional Application Specialist, OMICRON Electronics
  17. Phil Williams, System Safety Specialist, Engineer for Safety
  18. Louise Harney, Safety Manager, Leonardo
  19. John Goodacre, Challenge Director for Digital Security by Design (DSbD), UK Research and Innovation (UKRI)
  20. Raj Samani, Chief Scientist, McAfee
  21. Mike Hoffman, Principal Industrial Consultant, Dragos
  22. Paul Dorey, Facilitator, UK Energy Emergencies Executive Cyber Security Task Group & Board Member IoT Security Foundation